Deciphering Dizzee, part one (the first in what will certainly be a continuing series):

What the hell does Dizzee Rascal mean when he says (in the misogynistic, misanthropic, Nor-Plant endorsed, "Jezebel"), "I really hope you're not a crim."

Criminal? Nah, in context it sounds more like he's saying, "I hope you're not infected." Am I misinterpreting or mishearing? Does it just mean "shady"?

Also: in "I Luv U," I'm assuming that in the second part of chorus, the woman is saying "She got juiced up... she got [tacked?] up" -- as in, "knocked up," pregnant. And Dizzee's response is, "He got hurted up"?

I'm the first to confess that I'm absolutely shit when it comes to lyrics in any language (hence my breathless joy for Barbara Morgenstern's ballads, which it took me about seven listens to realize weren't even in English, and only seemed the more emotive for that very reason), but Dizzee's tindersticks drawl, ready to burst into flame at any moment, really tries my interpretive abilities.

And while I'm writing about Dizzee: has anyone else noticed that the first two notes of "2 For" are dead ringers for the first two notes of "In da Club"? Except that 50’s tune goes deep immediately, opening with a chord resonating five fathoms below, while Dizzee’s starts thin on a lone Asian string line and then skimboards across the surface - before bellyflopping on his backhand crackle, bristling with knuckles and scabs.


Don't worry, Luka, I've got more negative capability than I know what to do with. (I know, you're talking about something else - I had to look it up! I never was very good with English lit, despite having two and a half degrees in it. So much for core curricula!)

And if you keep posting lovely prosepoem Celan-style bread-house loam-sofa passages like those, I might even be persuaded to loosen up and post something teenagery.

For now, we apologize for this interruption; back to your regularly scheduled delay in posting ought of consequence.

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